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School rumble rating

School Rumble Rating!
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Welcome to School Rumble Rating! Find out which School Rumble character you're most like ^_^

Maintainer: ayaseyue


Community rules:

1. You must be a member to vote.
2. Do not flame or insult people. If you do, you'll get banned.
3. All aplications must go behind a LJ-cut.
4. Cosplay pictures are allowed, but please post a normal picture of yourself too.
5. If you get stamped as a character you don't like, you can re-apply after 2 weeks.
6. If you post your application, please put 'DUWA!' in your subject line to let us know you read the rules.
7. If you vote, please bold the character's name you voted for.
8. After 7 days or 7 votes you'll be stamped by the mod. The majority of votes will be the stamped character
9. Please save the stamps on your own server.
10. I'm adding this in. Please, please, when you apply, try to vote on the other applications that need votes! We can't get it done without everyone's cooperation and remember your stamp depends on it as well! If not I'll have to make it manditory and I'd really rather not. Thank you!



Harima Kenji
Tsukamoto Yakumo
Tsukamoto Tenma
Sarah Adiemus
Suou Mikoto
Lala Gonzalez
Karasuma Ooji
Imadori Kyosuke
Ichijou Karen
Hanai Haruki
Sawachika Eri
Takano Akira
Asou Hiroyoshi
Harry McKenzie
Otsuka Mai
Nara Kentarou
Yoshidayama Jiro
Tsumugi Yuuki





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Want to be an affiliate? Post a comment here ^_^



Images stamps: Anime Extremist
Image lay-out: School Rumble Official site